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The Human Pace

Remember what it was like to be a kid, walking home from school, running over to your best friend’s house and riding your bike to the park?  And of course when doing so you always stuck to the sidewalks, paths and streets, right?


Nah – if you were like us, you were cutting through yards and down dirt trails or back alleys to get places…and discovering cool places every step of the way.


Although you didn’t know it at the time, you were exploring at what we call “human pace.”  Simply put, you were moving from one place to another at a speed that allowed you to see and find things you wouldn’t have found otherwise.  Cool things.  In cool places.


Taking an ActiveIndy tour is a similar experience – making our way through the beautiful city of Indianapolis at a pace that will allow you to experience the essence of what makes it unique.  Together, we’ll discover buildings, art installations, historic homes and other surprises in the urban environment of the 11th largest city in the United States.


So whether you decide that walking, running or biking is the pace for you, ActiveIndy has a tour that you’re sure to enjoy.  If you are visiting Indianapolis for a few days or have lived here for decades, we hope you’ll come join us on a tour or two.  We know where all the cool places are and want to tell you about them!


Be Active.  See Indy.